Summer Season Start-up
With spring quickly approaching I thought it might be important to remind folks of a few things to consider before you start up your central air conditioning cooling for the summer. Central systems need to have some basic yearly maintenance to keep things running properly and efficiently. Each year you should:
•Replace or clean filters. Typically there is a filter located at the main return duct. •For the outside unit, typically called the condenser, clean the outside coil of leaves and debris that may get sucked into it.  Floating blooms can also obstruct airflow through the coil. Check to make sure the low voltage wiring is protected from damage from weed trimmers and chewing pets! Make sure condensate drain pipe is open and unobstructed.
•For the inside unit, ensure the return air is not obstructed. Make sure furniture is not set too tightly against return grille. Make sure all supply registers are open.
 This is also a great time to consider installing programmable thermostats if you don’t already use them. Programmable thermostats are a great way to reduce energy consumption and also improve comfort in your home.